8 foods that increase testosterone

8 foods that increase testosterone


Constant research by scientists is striking with new facts. So, according to the results of some experiments, it was proved that some products can affect the body almost as effectively as drugs. The most interesting research was the one about the products that may have a beneficial effect on the male power. During the experiment, it was proved that there are products that increase the level of testosterone in the body. A lot has already been said about the usefulness and necessity of this hormone, because it allows you to increase a man’s sexual abilities and gain muscle mass. If you have problems with erection, you can also buy drugs here https://svensktapotek.net/.

Olive oil

In this case, you should use only products that are not subject to refining and obtained as a result of cold extraction. It is in this composition it retains its useful qualities. In addition to the positive effects on the entire body, this product has a positive effect on the reproductive system.


The composition of this fruit is a huge amount of antioxidants. They help improve blood circulation and heart function. Also, it promotes the production of testosterone by more than 20 percent.


This vegetable has a positive effect on the entire body. Sexual function is among them. If you have an aversion to this plant, you can consume it pickled.

Fish oil and fish

Fish, which belongs to the fatty varieties and fish oil are products that contain large amounts of Omega-3. They are beneficial to the whole body and allow better production of male hormones.

Green Vegetables

All edible leafy vegetables that are green contain large amounts of magnesium in their composition. This element copes with nervous tension and is beneficial to male health.

Soy milk

The composition of this product contains a large amount of vitamin D. It is this vitamin that is responsible for the production and maintenance of testosterone in the body. Plant milk from soy or flax also has beneficial properties. Shiitake mushrooms also have a lot of vitamin D in their composition.


The results of various studies have shown that if you eat this product every day, then the amount of testosterone produced will increase by almost 20 percent. The root of the plant can be added to tea, salad or juices.


The composition of seafood contains a large amount of zinc. This element affects the quality of sperm and improves sexual function. If there is not enough zinc in a man’s body, a decrease in testosterone may appear.

All these products are very useful for men and their health. Data on the effects on the male body were obtained from various studies and experiments. It is worth understanding that in order to get the proper effect, you need to consume them constantly. At the same time you should avoid exposure to adverse factors and avoid bad habits. If you want to get access to specialized medicines to increase potency, visit https://svensktapotek.net/kopa-viagra-soft/. This will help you choose and buy effective drugs.