Advanced Selenium Training

Advanced Selenium Training


Selenium is an open source tool for testing web applications. It replaces manual testing by automating the kinds of interactions a user would have with your site or application, such as clicking buttons or filling in form fields. You can develop Selenium test scripts in any popular language, such as Java, Python or Ruby, and utilizes CSS selectors and other page components to identify the elements you want to automate.

A basic Selenium script consists of seven elements, as described by Dave Haeffner in his introduction to Selenium, “Selenium Bootcamp.” But to become a true Selenium ninja, you have to go beyond the basics and learn about advanced techniques, like using waits to anticipate browser response. Additional advanced techniques include things like using a testing framework for your favorite language, such as TestNG for Java, to run multiple tests in parallel, significantly decreasing the time needed to run all your tests, and accelerating your development processes.

Advanced Selenium training with Sauce Labs offers several benefits:

  • Contributions to courses and course materials from leading Selenium experts
  • Example test scripts that you can run locally or on Sauce Labs
  • Learning Selenium from the leader in automated testing