Browser Testing Online

Browser Testing Online


A rapidly expanding app market, coupled with an ever savvier consumer, makes developing quality apps quickly a top priority. However, users are easily annoyed with buggy apps and testing takes time. Speed up your testing and produce bug-free apps using Sauce Labs cross-platform and cross-browser automated testing tools.

As the leading web and mobile application testing platform, Sauce Labs leverages Selenium and Appium open source frameworks to run automated tests of web and mobile apps. Utilizing the power of the cloud, Sauce Labs can run tests in parallel across 900 browser/OS combinations to ensure error-free apps, quickly.

Sauce Labs’ cloud-based testing tools include a complete diagnostic suite with video and logs of your tests. With Sauce Labs’ virtual machines, deleted after every run, and secure tunneling, you can rest assured that the security of your product is maintained.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Cross-browser testing – different browser/OS combinations, you can be confident that your apps will be bug-free
  • Complete testing control – with Sauce Connect, a secure tunneling protocol, and detailed diagnostic tools, you have complete control over your testing, without ever having to leave your CI server