How to keep the attention of followers on Instagram

How to keep the attention of followers on Instagram


Instagram is a very popular social network. Millions of people around the world spend their free time on it every day. Businessmen have quickly realized that it is the perfect platform to promote their goods and services. Now Instagram is considered the most effective platform that will help you find many new customers.

It makes sense to use this resource for almost any business. Although at first you will need to buy instagram followers to increase the authority of your account. Instagram can bring you a lot of great opportunities, so try to highlight the companies in the market that can help you.

Ask your users a question

With questions, you encourage subscribers to share their thoughts and ideas on almost any topic. These opinions will help create content that your audience will be interested in. Say, if you’re a fitness trainer, ask, “What do you struggle with at the gym?” Subscribers’ answers will help formulate lots of new content or think of a special workout. Surveys also help intrigue and build audience expectations. For example, that’s what a yogurt brand did when it talked about the imminent release of new flavors in a survey format.

Show that the brand cares

Cares about the environment, the community, the local community or animals. In recent years, people have become more aware of the world’s environmental problems. They expect more than just nice prices and good products. They want to make a positive impact on the world. Expressing this kind of brand care on Instagram will improve the way people relate to the company. For example, the store chain offers gift certificates to its customers for bringing old items and shoes for recycling and eco-conscious recycling.

Share events and plans

Introducing a new product? Attending a conference or event? Post a photo so your audience knows what your business is doing. This helps your subscribers feel engaged and shows that you’re active and moving forward with your business. By talking about work or plans, you create anticipation and interest. Show a part of a project that’s not finished yet, and get subscribers excited about another post when it’s ready. Unless, of course, it’s a company secret and will affect the competition. Make people expect and want new company products.

Relevant topics

Is there a hot topic that everyone is talking about that is relevant to your brand? Don’t ignore the hype. That way you’ll join a broader topic that already engages a lot of Instagram users. And the event may not always be directly related to the company. For example, some companies released a series of products to coincide with the release of the game Cyberpunk 2077.

If you want to get more instagram followers uk, then start using our tips. In the long run, you will have the opportunity to reach a new level and attract the attention of a new audience. There are many great tips that you can also find online. So don’t be afraid to experiment and make responsible decisions.