Selenium for iOS

Selenium for iOS


If you’re looking to run Selenium tests for your iOS mobile app, Sauce Labs has you covered. We support an open-source, mobile automation framework called Appium, known as Selenium for mobile, which executes the WebDriver JSON Wire Protocol to let you test native, hybrid and web apps.

Appium makes Selenium iOS testing a reality by bridging the gap between Selenium and the burgeoning world of iOS app testing. It allows you to write tests in your preferred language and then run them on iOS simulators, real iPhones or iPads. And because Appium is focussed on automation, you can run all your tests, in parallel and accelerate your testing time by 10x.

Sauce Labs hosts the world’s largest cloud-testing platform running over 1 million tests a day for organizations like the BBC,, Yelp, Firefox, and thousands of others. And now, with Appium, the same time-tested platform supports iOS mobile testing.

If you should run short on scalability or on additional iOS configuration support, you can move your tests over to the Sauce Labs cloud, by simply changing a single command line in your WebDriver config file.

What makes Sauce Labs the place to go for Selenium testing for iOS?

  • Test any app, cross-platform – with Appium you get support for automated mobile testing for native, mobile web, and hybrid apps, on all versions of iOS
  • Any language – Appium allows you write tests in your preferred programming language, using the tools you trust, including CI platforms
  • Test your app as-is – test the same code that you release into the market, since Appium doesn’t require an SDK to recompile your app
  • Seamless cloud testing – Appium is an open-source framework with lots of support and help online