Selenium Grid

Selenium Grid


Are you still maintaining your own Selenium grid? Are you tired of the wasted time devoted to maintaining the grid, updating browsers and OSes? Well you are not alone. Many organizations begin testing by using a Selenium test grid that was purpose built in house.   However, they soon find that the cost and trouble of maintaining the grid is not the best use of their time and they look for a way to offload their testing infrastructure. Sauce Labs provides the world’s largest cloud on which you can run your Selenium tests that is always updated and always available. Free your developers to do what they do best and write code and leave the testing infrastructure to Sauce.

Sauce Labs provides the largest automated cloud for running Selenium and Appium tests. With over 700 browser and OS combinations and hundreds of mobile simulators and devices, we support what you need to test on. And, we integrate with the most popular CI servers including – Bamboo, Jenkins, VSTS and others. Using Sauce Labs APIs, you can configure, and start your tests all from within your CI server. We spin up a new VM for every test in seconds and destroy it, and any data, right afterwards so you can be sure that no one will see your data.

And, you can test apps, data and use resources behind your firewall with Sauce Connect Proxy – out secure tunneling app.  With secure tunneling for testing behind your firewall, and a host of analysis tools, Sauce Labs makes running, scaling, and debugging apps easier than ever.

Why choose Sauce Labs?

  • Over 800 browser and OS combinations available on demand in seconds.
  • Scalability – Spin up as many VMs as you need, on demand, and run them in parallel speeding your testing by up to 10x.
  • Debugging – video playback and screenshots of each test help you quickly identify any issues with your apps.