Weapons of Terrorists in CS:GO

Weapons of Terrorists in CS:GO


If you enjoy playing CS:GO then you can further explore this site https://csgo.net/. In this article we will talk about the features of terrorist weapons. Study this information to enhance your skills.

The main weapon of the terrorists in CS:GO

  • Ak-47 is a powerful rapid-fire weapon with a very high accuracy, but there are also some disadvantages. This weapon can be purchased only by terrorists. The automatic rifle has a great dispersion and therefore it is desirable to shoot 1-2 bullets at a time, and under no circumstances should you clamp, not knowing how to do it. It is advisable to make clips close, and at long ranges you should shoot a small number of rounds. It is also not advisable to shoot on the run. The cost of the weapon is $2,700, so you can take it after the first round you win in cs. The ammo is 30, and this ammo is enough to kill several opponents at a time, because you can competently make 1-2 headshots and kill your opponent.
  • Glock18 is the easiest gun in the game, which is given to the terrorists for free at the beginning of the round. It is unlikely that anyone will buy it, as it is not as powerful as the Deagle. The gun has a medium rate of fire, low damage and a lot of players slowing down power, meaning that if you shoot at your opponent, he will have a hard time moving. The best way to shoot with Glock18 is at close range, because it is not difficult to hit the head with it. If you use the Burst-Fire mode of shooting, which can be activated by pressing the right mouse button, it will be easier to kill the player at close range, because three bullets will be fired at a time. The main thing is to take your time and aim at the opponent’s head.
  • Galil is an inexpensive rapid fire cannon costing $1,800. Galil holds 35 rounds of ammunition, and this machine gun ranks second in the game for the number of rounds, after the machine gun. This machine gun probably reminds you of the Ak-47, and it really does, because it was created based on this machine gun. The gun has an unusual spread that is not very easy to control. It is advisable to shoot at close range and not to make clips at far distances. Let’s say this gun is not the best in accuracy of hits, but if you increase the level of shooting, it will be good to shoot in close combat.
  • SSG552 Commando is a powerful weapon, but it has a very strong dispersion, which is difficult to handle. In general, it is better to take the Ak-47, because it’s hit accuracy is much higher.  
  • Ingram Mac10 is a very simple rapid fire pistol-like weapon. It is not recommended to attack at long range, because this gun has a very large spread, which is why many players, when buying this weapon, hide and attack enemies up close. 
  • G3/SG-1 is a rapid-fire sniper rifle, which has a weak ammunition, but is very effective in a firefight with a lot of enemies. It is enough to make a clip and you can shoot quite well at enemies. Some players are more comfortable shooting without aiming, because they know how to shoot without aiming and control the spread. The rifle is not the most effective rifle, but it is expensive.
  • Well, it’s time to tell you about the most important weapon of the terrorists – the C4. It is, as you have understood, a bomb that must be placed in a certain place and, before it explodes, protected from enemies who will try by all means to clear it. The C4 is the most powerful weapon that, when detonated, kills everyone at a considerable distance. Terrorists plant the bomb in order to blow up a certain area that contains ammunition, weapons, or some warehouse.

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